Glen Wakeman Creates Launchpad Holdings With a Purpose


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Business Ideas | Posted on 28-04-2018

Glen Wakeman is a former business owner who is now an angel investor. As CEO of Launchpad Holdings, he has the opportunity to help new business owners in his area. He listens to business ideas and decides whether to invest in them or not. Some people enjoy working with Glen Wakeman on various projects.

When Glen Wakeman was young, he received a business degree from a local college. He worked in multiple industries, and he finally decided to start his own company. He realized how difficult it is to start a successful business. Without access to capital, entrepreneurs struggle with various issues.


Early Career

Glen Wakeman has had a great career in the industry. During his time as a business owner, he learned valuable lessons that he still uses. He wants to make a positive impression on others through his work.

Glen Wakeman almost went out of business several times. He was denied various loans from banks, and he always struggled to get the capital he needed. When he received the opportunity to become the CEO of Launchpad Holdings, it was an opportunity he could not refuse.



Launchpad Holdings is a company designed to help entrepreneurs get started with their business ideas. Launchpad Holdings takes a small percentage of each business in exchange for an investment. Many of the companies end up failing. However, there are numerous examples of companies having massive success after working with the company.

Glen Wakeman enjoys inspiring business owners around the world. He generates a lot of content related to starting a company. Starting a successful business is a proven way for people to have more freedom in life. Now is a great time to look at various options when starting a company. Anyone who needs additional capital should consider working with Glen Wakeman.


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