How Kenneth Goodrich Turned Goettl Around


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Goettl is one of the leading cooling and heating contractor in the US. The company is owned by Kenneth Goodrich. Kenneth and the company have a very long history. When he was only ten years, his father who owned an air conditioning company, he had the opportunity to see his first Goettl air conditioner, up close. At that point, his father had given him a flashlight to illuminate while he worked on an air conditioner. At that time, his father was an expert on Goettl air conditioning systems. Fast forward, 15 years later, his father passed on and left him in charge of the family business. At that point it was only Goettl that came to his rescue. It was the only company that believed in him and extended credit to him.


Goettl gave Goodrich a chance to stabilize and be successful and for that he was forever grateful. Years later, Goodrich decided to venture into the business of buying and rehabilitating companies. It was then that he came across Goettl. At that point he had already bought 15 companies and rehabilitated them.


When he first came across the offer to buy Goettl, the company was undergoing some major issues. But even then, he knew that he was destined to save the company and lead it to greatness. So, he bought the company even though it was making huge losses and the employees had lost their morale. Aside from this, the he had to deal with some compliance and legal issues. But even then, he went ahead to buy the company.


Now, four years down the line, the company is making up to $50 million in profits, every other years. This is all due to dedication to customer satisfaction. He started by taking the company back to basics, concentering on the clients instead of dollars. And in the process he ended up motivating the employees to be all about their clients.


About Goettl

Goettl was founded back in the year 1939 by the brothers Adam and Gust Goettl. Through the years, the company has changed ownership several times. Prior to being bought by Kenneth Goodrich, the company was under the ownership of Phoenix Peach.


Today Goodrich is the president of the company. Under his leadership, the company has grown to over $50 million annual profits in just three short years. It has also grown to offer services in three more areas including Tucson, Sothern California, and Las Vegas.




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