How Mike Baur has developed the Swiss Startup Factory to help the society


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The Swiss Startup Factory

Several ideas have been developed through the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur and the other owners of the company select the best ideas which have an impact on the society and take them through an incubation period. This period is supposed to be for scrutiny on the relevance of the technological innovation. There are several things which the company considers before lending a helping hand. Currently, Swiss Startup Factory gives financial support to different entrepreneurs, especially the ones that focus on technology. The innovations are always made by Swiss students who have insufficient funding to turn their ideas into a reality.

The focus of Mike Baur

Through his company, Mike Baur does not fund any project that comes his way. There are good and very practical projects that he has turned down. Baur’s basis of selection is in the long term. If the innovations can only benefit an individual, then it is not worth funding. As a way of helping the community, Baur only focuses on the projects that can solve a specific problem in the country or the world as a whole. Most of the technological inventions have to focus on specific problems which need to be solved.

The background and early life of Mike Baur

Born in 1975, Baur spent most of his early life in Switzerland. He went through his early education in the country. After the completion of his secondary education, Baur joined Bern University for his undergraduate education. At the University, Mike Baur studied Business Administration. Baur then joined the banking sector when he was only 20 years old. In this sector, Mike worked for over 15 years before starting his company that would support entrepreneurs.

The plan to be an entrepreneur

When Baur was a young boy, he always wanted to own a company. He did not have the specific product in mind that he wanted to sell or the service he intended to offer. The idea of owning a company did not leave him until 2014 when he decided to put it into action. Other than his side businesses, Mike co-founded the Swiss startup factory that offers different services to the new entrepreneurs. His teenage plan was not in vain as he lived to fulfill his dream. Currently, Mike Baur is a motivation to several people who had interests in entrepreneurship. The Swiss teenagers and youth have always looked up to him as a role model.


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