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When you turn 65 it seems like everything changes. The one thing that makes this obvious is that your medical care is now handled through Medicare. There are also some decisions that you have to make about what kind of plan you want. It’s a lot to learn but it’s really not that difficult. Do you want just plain medicare or do you want a medicare advantage plan? Most people when given this choice opt to get a Medicare Advantage Plan. They do this partly because Medicare Advantage plans offer more convenience and in some cases even more benefits. One of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans is InnovaCare Health.

The leadership team behind this company are its President and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto, M.D. The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides. As a leader in offering these type of plans to the public, InnovaCare is committed to providing quality health care by integrating their state of the art treatment protocols with today’s most advanced technologies.

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It is important to note that Medicare Advantage plans cover all the services covered under original Medicare except hospice care. This isn’t necessary because Medicare will cover the cost of Hospice if and when it is used. Medicare Advantage Plans also cover emergency and urgent medical care as long as they are deemed medically necessary. These plans may even offer vision, hearing, dental and even wellness programs. In addition, most also include Medicare Prescription Drug coverage.

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If you decide to enroll in an Advantage plan, Medicare will compensate the private health plan they offer their clients a fixed amount each month for each member under a bidding process. The Advantage plan submits a bid that is based on the costs of service that it estimates for the services covered by Medicare. All bids are compared to a benchmark. If the plan’s bid is higher than the benchmark used by Medicare the advantage plan client pays the difference if the plan’s bid is lower the the difference is divided between the plan and Medicare. All Advantage plans are required by law to offer a benefits package the is at least equivalent to the coverage offered by straight Medicare. However, they are not required to cover benefits in the same way. You may see, for example, a plan that requires a higher out of pocket expense but balances this out in their plan by offering lower costs in another area. In addition, Medicare Advantage Plans and InnovaCare Health limit the advantage plan client’s out of pocket costs to no more than $6,700 per year. Once this maximum is reached the plan will pay 100% of the costs for services. If, however, you decide to enroll in an Advantage Health Maintenance Organization, certain specialists and providers not in the network are off limits without authorization.

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