Jeff Herman: Child Sex Abuse and How to Deal with It


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Law Guru | Posted on 13-07-2018

Sex abuse has always been a social problem in the US. Victims of sex abuse experience traumas that can last for a lifetime. Victims feel demoralized and hence fear to come out, which only worsens the problem. If the victims are not taken care off, they can fall into depression and ultimately commit suicide. The dire need of assistance by victims is what made counsel Jeff Herman switch from commercial practice to representing victims of the sex abuses.

Jeff Herman transitioned from commercial law practice to providing legal representation to victims of rape, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault in the late 1990’s. This switch happened after meeting parents of a son, suffering from autism, who was sexually abused. A convicted pedophile had abused the boy. This representation gave him an inner satisfaction thereby committing himself to represent victims of sex abuse.

Since children are the most venerable from sex abuse, Herman has taken it to himself to provide advice to parents on how to handle cases children sex abuse. Children are more prone to abuse because sometimes they are not aware that they are sexually being abused. Children can also be taken advantage of because when they realize what is happening, they feel guilty for ‘permitting’ it in the first place.

Herman encourages parents to talk to their children about the sexual abuse and that they should be sensitive to keep the conversation age appropriate. He encourages parents to tell their children to say a ‘No.’ They should be taught using examples by telling them that no one should touch them whether it is a policeman or a teacher.

Jeff Herman advises parents to report cases of child sex abuse immediately they detect any signs. Reporting helps to kick-start the court proceedings. Although pedophiles deserve criminal sentencing, it is much harder to prove a criminal proceeding as one has to prove beyond reasonable doubt. But in civil cases, one has to prove his case above the 50% threshold. This hitch is why most child sex abuse cases are settled by rewarding of damages.

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