Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd.: the Leading Investment Banking and Wealth Management Service Provider


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Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. is a full-service brokerage firm and investment company that offers skillful execution of personalized investment service to public and private institutions, and the high-net-worth individual investors. Laidlaw International is the main affiliate of the company which fulfills Laidlaw & Company’s authorization by FCA, Incorporated in England & Wales. Laidlaw & Company clears on a fully-closed basis with Agree & Leach, Inc. that forms part of the membership of the Security Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). SIPC provides account-protection for securities and cash held at the firm.

Laidlaw & Company has over 170 years of professional legacy in security brokerage and investment banking that is focused on domestic and international company’s needs. They also cooperate with private clients, institutions, and corporate entrepreneurs worldwide. The company has a growing network of offices throughout Europe and the United States. It has more than 150 employees that operate under FINA registration and FCA authorization. They allow the company to form development relationships. Therefore, the firm creates the platform to pursue new service and individual business clients in the market.

Laidlaw & Company has a relationship and entrepreneurial culture that is driven towards the adoption of a strong work ethic. The company gathers investments and distributes financial solutions through independent and captive sales offices.

The company also has capital markets and investment-focused team that of predominantly senior financial professionals who combine the entrepreneurial perspective of the firm with bracket experience. For this to add value to the company’s services, they use it to provide comprehensive solutions and transaction management. Therefore, the company can provide the necessary assistance for any emerging start-up through their strong retail sales force. The company’s employees allow their corporate clients to give a flexible growth in finance. The current Chief Executive Officer of Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. is Mather D. Eisner.

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