Lawrence Bender’s Hollywood Achievements


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Lawrence Bender is by far one of the best film producers in the film industry. At a young age, Lawrence Bender was fascinated with dancing and aspired to do it for a living. Unfortunately, an injury sidelined him. This injury acted as a gateway into Hollywood. The producer grew up in The Bronx, New York City, New York to a Jewish family. While in high school, he wanted to become a civil engineer because his grandfather did it and because he heard that there were good jobs in that industry. In 1979, Bender graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in civil engineering.

If I mention some of Bender’s best works, you’ll probably recognize the names of them. Some of these films include Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, and An Inconvenient Truth. One of my favorite movies produced by Bender would have to be Good Will Hunting. In the movie, Will Hunting faces a lot of challenges. He has a troubled past with abusive parents and is an orphan. Fortunately, Will has very good mathematical skills. These mathematics skills were brought to the attention by the university when Will solved a difficult problem while working one night as a janitor. Throughout the movie, Will continues to face multiple challenges with his girlfriend, Skylar, and life in general. Overall, how he overcomes these challenges is the reason why I love the movie so much.

One documentary that Bender produced that I enjoyed a lot was An Inconvenient Truth. In this documentary, Al Gore explains the disastrous effects that climate change is having on the environment. He shows multiple graphs of the event, highlighting how humans are accelerating global warming worldwide. I love this film because it highlights how important this issue actually is.

Over the years, Lawrence Bender has received multiple awards. He won the Best Motion Picture Award for both Inglourious Basterds in 2009 and Pulp Fiction in 1994. He also won the Independent Spirit Award in for Pulp Fiction and has gotten multiple nominees. Overall, Lawrence Bender is a terrific film producer who I hope keeps putting out great films.

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