Lime Crime Velvetines Bringing Scandal Back


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Fashion | Posted on 08-09-2017

The Instagram worthy makeup company Lime Crime has become a noted addition to the makeup world. Their bold makeup products are standout in the world of neutral makeup palettes. The expressive colors of LimeCrime allow you to create the makeup looks you desire. The latest release from the company is their Scandal lip color. The Scandal lip color is from the Lime Crime Velvetines selections. Scandal -like the other Velvetines lip colors- has a smooth color application and a beautiful matte finish. Scandal is a fitting lip color for anyone who is vegan. This lip makeup product is 100% vegan just like other Lime Crime makeup products.

Scandal is a social media fitting makeup color because it is so bold looking. The deep luscious purple hue gives a powerful edge to the face. The power color of Scandal is quite beautiful and empowering for those who wear it. It’s perfect for anyone seeking dramatic sophistication out of their makeup looks. It is appropriate for those who want to have a leadership level pout to get them through their work day.

You can buy Scandal from the Lime Crime web store. The Scandal lip color -and all of the other Velvetines- are $20 each. The selection of Velvetines and other Lime Crime lip makeup are all available either on the website, Lime Crime’s official Amazon seller account, or at the popular Urban Outfitters retailer. What are you waiting for? Stop by the Lime Crime website today to get scandalous with Scandal.

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