NGP VAN Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Political Canvassing Operations


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Canvassing is a critical component of any political campaign. Canvassing’s purpose is to acquaint the voting community with persons running for political office, and it involves going door-to-door to get the message out or making cold calls to those on the voter rolls. Years ago, according to Haley Thompson in her April 16, 2018, article in Chronicle of the Week, there were many voters in the voting middle identified as voters who, depending on the candidate, would switch their votes to one or the other political party. There was little allegiance to a particular party. That is no longer the case according to Thompson who indicated only 39% of voters are in the political middle.

The current political climate is so deeply partisan that the chance of swaying a voter with an entrenched ideology is about 1:800 according to a 2017 study by two UC Berkeley professors. In the study, the two professors contacted candidates two months prior to an election, and only one out of 800 participants switched from one candidate to another, a stat provided by Thompson in her recent article. The article also detailed that the combined dollars spent by candidates running for federal office during the 2016 campaign were $6.4 billion.

With the rising costs associated with running a political campaign, politicians need to run “smarter” campaigns. A company answering that clarion call is NGP VAN, a company that develops digitized applications to maximize canvassing operations. NGP VAN prides itself on providing digital “campaign and organizing tools for candidates.” Instead of trying to sway the opinions of the ideological voter, the focus of any political campaign should be getting voters to the polls, and NGP VAN has developed “digital tools” to alleviate some of the cost and stress associated with political canvassing.

MiniVAN, developed by NGP VAN, is an app that can run on iOS or Android devices that helps campaigns in two ways. All the information the canvasser needs including routes, talking points, and voter contact information is accessible through the app. Additionally, the NGP VAN MiniVAN app has a feature called Distributed Canvassing that effortlessly creates lists and maps for canvassers.

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