Nizan Guanaes – Defining Philanthropic Endeavors In Brazil


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Business leaders | Posted on 30-08-2016

Advertising has always played an instrumental role in the marketing and development of a product. It is estimated that companies around the world spend nearly US$592 billion dollars on advertising budget. Such spending seems practical because experts believe that every dollar spent by the Fortune 500 companies delivers three times the benefits in terms of capital gains.

Traditionally, the purpose of advertising is to convince consumers that a company’s product or service is best in the industry. In addition, advertising also focuses on promoting the brand image, which keeps the customer coming back. Some experts even suggest that advertising convinces consumers that there is a need for the product. For instance, there is a huge industry dedicated to hair tonics and conditioners, which has created the perception that human hair cannot sustain healthy growth without hair shampoos. Despite the fact that claims of such products are not clinically proven, the industry continues to thrive based on the positive perception, which is built around heavy advertising capital.

Just like the changing advertising trends, the medium of advertising is also changing. In 1920, radio was the main channel for advertising. Thirty years later, television became the primary channel, which also offered cable television as an alternate to TV. However, market share of TV is declining amid increased competition from the Internet.

Luckily, trends in the corporate world are also changing. Increasing number of media moguls are contributing a large share of their revenue with the local community. In Brazil, Nizan Guanaes is a well-known name in advertising. In fact, Nizan is considered one of the most influential Brazilians due to his ever-expanding advertising business that includes 18 different companies around the globe.

Nowadays, Nizan Guanaes actively contributed to various UN projects. He also provides funding for several nonprofits that focus on human rights, education and health. In his spare time, he also oversees management of such prominent projects as Clinton Global Initiative.


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