NuoDB; A new look at SQL database


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 13-08-2017

NuoDB, of NuoDB Inc, was released in 2013 and is a Database Management System (DBMS) developed on the framework of SQL. NuoDB is both SQL and ACID compliant and is designed around the smooth ebb and flow of data, while maintaining fidelity, in relation to cloud-based data storage and management in a SQL database.This is primarily accomplished through the hierarchy of data-structures that NuoDB employs, on both the Macro and Micro levels, making it especially viable in relation to mobile software and network interaction. This hierarchy is communicated with data being isolated to administration, transaction, and storage data-structures within the NuoDB SQL database. Communication with mobile devices is via basic SQL statements thus allowing for loose coupling of data between SQL database structures and operationally allows the mobile device to act as a storage database structure, communicating with separate transaction related database structures. A NuoDB database is further broken down into “elements” consisting of “objects” known as “atoms”, and within a NuoDB database are smaller, dispersed and redundant data caches. Along with many other on-board tools and support for communication and storage methods, NuoDB has become well recognized as a reliable and flexible software with extensive application.

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