Oren Frank’s Online Therapy at Talkspace


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Oren Frank’s Online Therapy at Talkspace

Oren Frank and Roni Frank co-founded Talkspace, an interactive online therapy firm that hails from New York City. Talkspace has over the past few years helped its users gain access to professional therapists via online platforms such as websites, and mobile apps on Android or iOS. The company’s vision is to provide accessible psychotherapy that is affordable to many people in need across the globe. Oren and Roni, a couple who had some serious issues in their marriage, found an opportunity to start Talkspace after undergoing successful therapy.

Talkspace has gained popularity due to the fact that it offers therapy online via video chat. Its efforts to bring in a chief medical officer marked its seriousness towards the business. Neil Leibowitz, a former medical director at UnitedHealth joined the company recently to help build it to an enterprise business. The company offers $49 service charge for messaging a psychiatrist expert or $79 weekly fee for directly talking to a medical therapist online. It is impressive to note that the company hit 1 million users under the leadership of Oren Frank. The company is now able to generate millions of dollars in revenue collection, a major step after more than five years of operation.

Leibowitz, an ex-insurance executive, brings on board expertise required to run corporate business which Oren Frank hopes that, come end year, shall represent almost half of the company’s revenue. The company had earlier began gaining traction as a result of partnering with Magellan Health. Recent studies show that increased depression and mental anxiety among the working class in society lead to reduced productivity. This is the main reason why major employers are taking mental health of their employees more seriously than before.

His recent tweet on a post in The Guardian also points out how climatic changes and rising temperaturess are factors contributing to increased suicide cases. Research shows that when the temperature rises to even 1 Degree Celsius, suicide rates shoot up to 0.7% in the United States and an alarming 2.1% in Mexico. Oren Franks advice on talking to a professional therapist at Talkspace to receive professional help in case you are facing such mental problems. His other recent tweet in July 16th described mental disorders as the leading cause of disabilities across the world. Many patients can learn how to treat and prevent such cases using technology provided at Talkspace.

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