Peter Briger Success


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Peter Briger:

Peter Briger is a successful man that is very well known in the business and in the finance world as well. His hard work and his determination have allowed him to become successful and to be able to climb the ladder of success through out his years in the field. Peter Briger is the principal and the main board of directors o fortress. He has been a part of this company for many years and has been able to impact it in a positive way. His leadership skills and his knowledge have allowed him to get some insight into what he needs in order to be able to guide the company towards the path of success. He was very fortunate to have been able to work in other companies such as Goldman Sachs & Co. because this was a big reason as to why he became successful. His leadership and his management skills were able to flourish in this company and he was able to take on those skills to his new company at Fortress. During his time in this company he was able to learn crucial information as to how run and manage a business. Peter Briger has been serving as a member in the board of directors in fortress since 2006 and has since been very determined to be able to help the company grow. His investment in the company have been able to pay off through out the years. Peter Briger has been a very hard working man full of determination through out the years working in this field. His hard work has helped many become inspire and has also helped out many be able to learn from his leadership and his management skills. He has been able to impact the business and the finance world with unique way of working and to guiding a company to success. His hard work is worthy of praise and of determination. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

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