Populations in Motion: The Asylum Seekers


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The rise of the Islamic State and the troubles in Syria in recent years have given birth to a modern wave of refugees and asylum seekers. Whats more, all the signs seem to indicate this is not a short-term phenomenon on project-syndicate.org. Quite the opposite. What the world is facing is a more or less continuous out-migration from the region that will be with us for a long time.

In an opinion essay published on September 299, 2015, George Soros takes a crack at drafting policy solutions to deal with the asylum seekers. Such policy is badly needed. More refugees are entering Europe every day.

George Soros describes the current refugee situation as chaotic, and he traces the chaos to the lack of any comprehensive plan for dealing with asylum seekers. They come streaming out of Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. When they enter Europe, whether through Greece, Italy or another nation, that society must set up its own policy based on its own interests. The result is a patchwork of rules on biography.com that leaves refugees uncertain and confused. They are panicky as they struggle to cope with the laws and customs of a new country.

The end result, Soros suggests, is that a “management problem” has deteriorated into a full-scale political crisis. The key to solving it is to create an international plan that includes all of the nations of the European Union. Soros goes on to caution us that such a plan must have human rights as its core value. That is the only way to assure a fair and effective process for integrating refugees into European society.

A Europe-wide plan will require a huge commitment. George Soros estimates the nations must be willing to accept a million refugees per year. Funding for health care and education alone will run 15,000 euros per person annually for the first two years. Moreover, this needs to be brought together under the direction of a single international agency that is intended to be permanent. It must work with countries outside Europe as well. A global approach is vital since refugees are a global problem. There are some other essential features of the plan put forward by George Soros. A single management agency is needed so rules and procedures are consistent so that refugees aren’t in a continual state of panic. Europe also needs “safe paths.” What Soros means here is clearly defined routes that will take asylum seekers from their point of origin to their destination. Finally, support and assistance needs to start in the country of origin.

George Soros is famous for his combination of entrepreneurial success and liberal values He is an American immigrant of Jewish-Hungarian descent. Besides being a billionaire, Soros is an author, inventor and philanthropist. He is a strong proponent of open borders and has become a lightening rod for many people who take issue with his more radical ideas.

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