QNET: Empowering Many Africans Towards Financial Independence


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Around the world, human beings strive to achieve material prosperity. As one of the modern vehicles used by families to attain financial independence, QNET offers new opportunities in many places afflicted by dire poverty. The health and wellness products promoted by the company continue to generate intense interest in Africa.

The Challenge of Poverty in Africa

Few locations today face the economic woes plaguing the African Continent. In 2014, the World Bank issued a report that described a grim picture of the sub-Saharan region. The analysts discovered that between 1993 and 2008, per capita income rose by only $20.00, from $742 to $762 annual income per person. Yet when they excluded the Seychelle Islands and South Africa from this analysis, per capita income in Sub-Saharan Africa actually declined during that time period, reaching a low of $556 yearly income per person. Africans in this region suffer from a multitude of difficulties which pose financial obstacles and hamper households from achieving their financial objectives: high unemployment rates, sporadic local conflicts, a lack of access to credit and many other challenges.

Providing A Helpful Vehicle For Self Employment

In this situation, enterprising Africans often search for reliable self-employment vehicles. One of the best opportunities exists through QNET, an Asian-based direct marketing company which promotes over 40 beneficial products. QNET has recently acquired many Independent Representatives in African nations, including countries such as Niger, Mali and Ivory Coast.

The self-employment opportunities offered by QNET hold great promise for Africans of all religious faiths seeking greater prosperity. Muslim distributors of QNET products in Africa recently assisted some needy families by offering food bags to them in honor of the Islamic month of Ramadan, for instance.

Products Appealing to Global Markets

QNET offers cutting edge products calculated to appeal broadly to global markets. In this respect, the company’s brands hold great appeal across the African Continent (and the world). QNET’s inventory includes health and wellness, personal care and home care products. The company also offers on line educational programs.

Over the course of its incredibly successful history, the direct sales company has periodically added additional items, a practice which helps attract new customers while expanding the income opportunities enjoyed by distributors. Just this year, for example, Independent Representatives in Africa began marketing LifeQuode, a revolutionary line of nutritional supplements: Kenta, Berry Xtreme and EDG3. The Regional General Manager of QNET MENA, Khaled Diab, observed: “Your health is your wealth and the key to fulfilling and meaningful life.” He expressed optimism about these products.


QNET will likely continue to remain a positive, beneficial influence in Africa. It offers life-enhancing products and greater economic opportunity.

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