Securus Technologies: Crime Prevention At Its Finest


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Video Visitation App | Posted on 10-11-2017

Solving crime is no easy task. No matter what level of crime fighting that an organization is at, one of the best ways to solve crime is by preventing it. Yes, there’s a method to the madness, but this notion rings absolutely true. Here at Securus Technologies, we provide some of the most comprehensive and innovative safety tools. Crime goes hand-to-hand and in many cases, we have provided some of the best tools for the trade. These tools are used in the corrections field of work as well as used in the “real world.” Public safety is one of our biggest concerns, and we do our very best in thwarting crime on a multitude levels.


Thanks to our valiant efforts, we have been able to cut down on inmate to inmate crime. This is a big win for us, it’s a big win for corrections, and it’s a big win for inmate family members. No matter the issue, whether it’s gambling, selling drugs or violent behavior, we have the capabilities to handle a broad spectrum of negative activities. We receive thousands of letters and emails on a monthly basis. These letters and emails thank us for a job well done. This keeps us motivated in our daily tasks, and it keeps us in the right state of mind to develop newer and better solutions. Issues such as personal threats, suspicious activity, the introduction of contraband into the facilities and illegal cellphone use are all handled accordingly.


Securus is the leader of the pack, especially when it comes to providing criminal and civil justice technologies. Our solutions are well-tested, and they’re consistent in making the incarceration process a much safer place. All in all, Securus is at the pinnacle of the industry, and we’re leading by example.


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