Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Testmonials Released


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Video Visitation App | Posted on 28-01-2017

Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s leading correctional facility communication service providers, and is one of the leading developers in data analysis and crime prevention technology. The company uses voice recognition software, behavior and association recognition in their surveillance packages, database integration, network management systems, and predictive analytics and advanced biometric monitoring systems. These tools help ease the burden on prison staff and can access pertinent information for incident response and assist law enforcement with ongoing investigations. The system has also prevented numerous crimes from happening across the country, and several customers even have given testimonials about the crime prevention in letters thanking Securus.


Some of the crimes that were uncovered or prevented included cases of corrupt prison guards aiding inmates in contraband smuggling or escapes. There were also cases of drug operations going on between staff and inmates and even information regarding illicit prescription drug sales by outsiders. Information was even uncovered about a local shooting that a visiting family had information about, detected in a conversation in the background of an inmate-to-inmate call. Those are only a few cases that have been picked up in Securus Technologies’ systems.


Securus Technologies was founded in Dallas, TX back in 1986 and is currently managed by CEO Rick Smith. Securus has partnered with local telecommunications companies to build one of the most elaborate inmate communications systems that services thousands of facilities and millions of inmates across the nation. They have advanced phone billing systems that include prepaid phone cards and even voice mail to keep inmates and families connected. Messaging has become easier through Securus’s instant mail platform, and financial transactions and special purchases can be made through their self-serve kiosks. Visitation is now easier as well through their video visitation platform which allows families to visit using the internet and a webcam.


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