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I am a desperate 40-year-old single woman. It’s not that I am not attractive; it’s just that I work such long and crazy hours that I don’t have time to find romance. I would give anything to find prince charming and see him riding up my driveway on his white horse, but alas I just don’t think that day will come. A friend of mine had excellent luck using an online dating app called Skout. I had used dating apps online in the past and had still seemed to meet one loser after another. I had pretty much given up on online dating thing because of this. However, something told me to give this a try because it was like social media. I love the whole social media craze and embrace it wholly. I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seemingly all day long. I needed to know a bit more about Skout on instagram before I signed up.

I did some digging and found out that this company is rather new. It’s a funky network that targets those who are on the go and don’t have time for meeting people in traditional ways. Well, that had me hook, line and sinker right from the beginning. It wasn’t originally created as a dating website, but rather one for people who were traveling and wanted to expand their social horizons. However, what they found is people were using it more for a love connection and it got the owners to thinking. I liked the fact that it’s compatible with iOS devices. It is also available in several languages, so this doesn’t restrict me to just people in the US. I can download it through Google Play or the App Store, which was another bonus for me.

There are more than 500 million users right now, so the fact that there are many fish in their sea is nice. They also are in 180 countries, which means more of a diverse crowd, which I like. The owners are down to earth and approachable, both Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom have a real vision for those lonely people like me who just need a date. They’re both Scandanavian expats to America and have embraced their product by giving it hometown roots. Users will find that it is set up very similar to Facebook. Users have a wall and can post short snippets about their day. You can add pictures and interact with others through friend requests.

There is no cost to get this app. However, inside the app you can earn points to view profiles. You don’t just get to view an entire profile without utilizing points. You gain points by doing various tasks around the site. You can send a private message to someone, or you can have a group chat. While I am a little old for the crowd that typically uses this site, there are people of all ages. It seems to be geared at the 30 and under crowd, but there are some of us old ones on there too. I signed up for my services and now I am just waiting for cupid to strike his arrow for me. Fingers crossed, this one might work.

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I think the decision to make Instagram Social media platform as the main ground to promote scout is why they are succeeding more. The application of online thesis help is what make the task not a small one. I will have the look of skout dating and see it I would be really lucky or not.

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