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Southridge Capital has been a provider for finance, both advisory and structured to public companies for a while now. With the innovative financial solutions that it has been providing, its clients have been able to meet their needs with more ease. Since 1996, Southridge has injected about $1.8 billion to companies that are still growing around the globe. It has a wide base of experts who understand the market well who help the company provide financing plans for their clients. The team that Southridge has is experienced enough to be consulted on corporate issues. The issues include making a company public and using financial techniques that are individual to each client. In addition, Southridge manages balance sheets optimized for each client.

Southridge Capital provides a myriad of financial services to everyone who chooses to work with them. For instance, they provide advisory services, which entails Financial Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice, and Legal Settlement Services. Each of these services is structured by the experts at Southridge to suit every client’s specifications. Additionally, Southridge Capital has structured services, which consists of Credit Enhancing, Securitization, and Financing Solutions. The five managers of the company oversee the proper provision of all these services in accordance with each client’s needs. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Southridge Capital’s success can be credited to its CEO and founder Steven Hicks. He founded the company in 1996 after he got the idea while filling in for a principal at a hedge fund in New York. He started his own hedge fund with the permission of the principal while still working at the company. Steven brought his knowledge from the schooling he did at King’s College and Fordham University, both located in New York. He got a BSc. in Business Administration and an MBA from these institutions respectively.

Steven Hicks brings his three decades of experience to his everyday routine to look for new opportunities and come up with items to do for him and his staff at Southridge Capital. With the experience of the company’s staff and collaborations with people in Wall Street, Steven Hick is able to provide financing to people who come to him through Southridge. You can follow their Twitter account.



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