Styling With Wengie and School


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Fashion | Posted on 13-03-2017

School days or vacation days, no one wants to appear drab in stretched out T-shirts or worn out shorts. Dancing in new white shoes can cause them to become scuffed and worn out. It is heartbreaking to throw them away since that is the same as tossing money into the garbage, only, who wants to wear dirty shoes? Perhaps one needs a new pair of shoes, sadly money is tight and one can only afford those ho-hum white fabric shoes.


YouTube sensation Wengie has an entire video dedicated to taking misshapen shirts, discolored shorts and scuffed tennis shoes together with accessibly basic school supplies, to create clothing that is fresh and new.


Delicately handling a simple pair of scissors, Wengie teaches her followers how to repurpose a plain short sleeved tee into a tank top that will have tongues wagging. Highlighters are extremely useful for study. Drawing a blue or pink line across a point of interest not only helps one find that piece of information later, it also helps aid in memorization. That aside, highlighters can also help plain denim shorts or jeans go from ‘meh’ to tie-dye wonders. Sharpies are remarkable at taking plain white fabric shoes, whether new or worn out, and turning them into colorful marvels.


Be creative and express your individuality with these Wengie hacks. Wengie guides subscribers with the how-to, however, one can pick whatever colors and designs they enjoy. There is no limit to what creations can be accomplished.


To check out the full unique guide, visit the website below.



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