Swanky, Elite, High-end, Lavish Are Some Of The Few Terms That Can Be Used To Describe Honey Birdette’s New UK Boutiques


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When it comes to the specialty of lingerie one brand cannot go unnoticed. The brand is Honey Birdette. Birdette is one of the best retailers in lingerie. With more people embracing the art of bedroom expression, Honey Birdette has seen tremendous growth to the extent that it has spread its wings to the UK market. The company opened its second store in the neighborhood of Leeds last year.

This year the company has been embarked on an intensive expansion plan. Honey Birdette is not only targeting brick and mortar presence, but it’s also occupying the online space. Early in the month of April 2017, the company launched its online presence through a US e-commerce site. The company also unveiled its ambitious expansion plan in the UK. The enterprise will up its retail presence from a modest three stores to a massive 40 stores over a period of two years.

The household name that is Honey Birdette was started in the year 2006. Eloise Monaghan, its founder, had the conviction that the lingerie market had great business opportunities that hadn’t been fully exploited. From an idea to the brand that Honey Birdette has become, it has taken a lot of innovation. Its recent creation, the US e-commerce site is aimed at providing its customers with a unique shopping experience. Orders above $50 are delivered for free; The new product has seen the company’s sales rise by 374%.

When Eloise Monaghan set out to dominate the lingerie market, he had in mind the resolution of sparking more sensuality into the Australian bedroom. True to himself he has brought sensuality to more than the Australian bedroom. Birdette’s boutiques are sexually expressive, playful and sensual. With special treats to customers such as champagne servings and exquisite décor, the stores can attract customers into exploring the height of their sexuality.

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