The Achievements that Don Ressler has made in his Entrepreneurship Career


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Don Ressler is one of the best innovators and entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. He is known for being the founder of various companies, and an example is the Intelligence Beauty. Mr. Ressler started off by establishing FitnessHeaven, which was later purchased by the Intermix Media. He then decided to start another enterprise by partnering with Adam Goldenberg who formerly served the Intermix Media as its COO. The two created Alena Media, which primarily dealt with e-business services and marketing demonstrations. The firm was sold to the New Corp in 2005. Its profits went down due to mismanagement by the company, and therefore, Goldenberg and Ressler started looking for new opportunities that they could venture.

The two businessmen had exceptional skills on running online marketing enterprises, and therefore, they decided to launch a new branding firm that they would control without being involved directly. Ressler and Goldenberg called a meeting with experts who formerly served the Alena Media and they established Brand Ideas. The company was later changed to be Intelligent Beauty. It established some subsidiaries such as SENSA, which is known for offering weight loss programs and DERMSTORE, which has specialized in the production of cosmetics and skin care products. Intelligent beauty’s chief executive officer was the founder of Intermix. The firm hired Dr. Alan Hirsch to control the manufacture of its products. The performance of Intelligent Beauty has not been excellent, however, its subsidiaries, but DERMSTORE and SENSA, have managed to reach many clients across the world.

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In 2010, Intelligent Beauty founded another company, which is known as JustFab. The Matrix Partner supported the enterprise by offering a $33 million donation. The business grew rapidly, and by 2010 more than 4 million members had joined. Its subscribers had risen to 6 million by April 2010. After its progress was precise to the public, the founders were given an additional $76 million by the Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, Crossover Ventures, and Rho Ventures.

In January 2013, JustFab’s market grew after it acquired the FabKids. It later purchased Europe’s leading e-commerce website, The Fab Shoes. The company gained the France and Spain market, which had about 500,000 members as well as 1.5 million more subscribers from the Germany and the United Kingdom. Three million European members joined JustFab in 2013. The company started a new subsidiary in October 2013, and it is known as Fabletics. It got a $40 million funding to support the business, which mainly deals with athletic wear. JustFab has been offered $250 million since it was created.

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