The Determined Vijay Eswaran


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As a son of parents who were of the working class, Vijay Eswaran rose above the standards. London School of Economics was the institution where Vijay Eswaran clinched his first degree in socio-economics before joining South Illinois University for master’s degree in Arts. After completing his degree program, Vijay looked for hustle in Europe for a year where he got casual jobs in Belgium and France. Not until when the United Kingdom familiarized with binary marketing when Vijay joined the Chartered Institute of management accounts.

While pursuing his master’s program, Vijay Eswaran attained multilevel marketing. Upon his return to his native country, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran founded multilevel marketing company that thrived to a global corporation. QI group of companies developed under the leadership and management of Vijay Eswaran. Electronic marketing was the basis of QI Company. Telecommunications, mining were some of the fields where it ventured .QI group of companies grew to become an international corporation and spread to other Asian countries.

From a casual laborer to an executive chairman, Vijay Eswaran portrayed his unwavering determination in life. Some of the things that guided Vijay is his stern philosophies which governed his healthy behaviour and habits. In his book `Two minutes from the abyss’ he highlighted time as an essential resource utilizable by taking each second to be of help. No one had the certainty of seeing the next day, and so its always good to work at the current time.

Being a servant leader was also another principle that propelled Vijay Eswaran’s success. Serving others was an attribute that a good leader should possess. Leaders should be transparent, humble, patient, and with goals, as per Vijay Eswaran. Success came through teamwork, and this made Eswaran criticize dictatorship by all means. As an author and a motivational speaker, Vijay Eswaran is also a renown philanthropist in Asia.

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