The Effort of Jason Hope in Fighting Aging


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Jason Hope is one of the respected people who has contributed significantly on the matter of research for the aging. The main contribution that attracted the attention of many is his donation of $ 500,000 that was aimed at boosting the efforts of the SENS Research Foundation in the year 2010. The amount was then channeled to erect a laboratory named Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Furthermore, the money was used by the organization to create another avenue in the arena of research. The factor that made Jason Hope contributed the amount to the SENS Research Foundation was the dedication that the organization was putting in the circle of innovation to fight the matters that add aging in the community. The organization had focused efforts on marking the first cures particularly for the degenerating diseases that kill the body cells and cause aging among the people. The main parts of the body that Jason Hope mention to be the target of the disease are the lungs and the mind. The attack on the part makes the premature failure of the body.

Through the efforts of the Jason Hope, SENS Research Foundation had come up with a program termed as AGE-breaker. The foundation has laid down all the procedures that enable its support to come up with the drugs that assist in the crackdown of the aging in the human body. According to their research, the factor that contributes to the aging is the built up of the metabolic wastes in the human body that creates harm and causes the process of degeneration of the cells in the body tissues. For instance, as one gets older, the blood vessels losses elasticity as well as the skin. The central reason why Jason Hope has put much of his capital in the research of the aging is to create a permanent solution that will help maintain the body cells. Many age-related diseases have been pointed out by Jason Hope. These include arthritis and Alzheimer’s. The reason why they are termed as aged related is that people develop them after the body cells start to degenerate. Jason Hope aimed is to boost the efforts of research as he has noted there is little research carries out in the field to curb the matters that contribute to early aging among people in the society. Jason Hope has made an enormous stride to fight the age-related factors.

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