The Impressive Track Record of Eric Pulier


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Eric Pulier is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and technologists in the United States. For him, business is what defines people and art. For this reason, he has worked hard to achieve better business through technological innovations and sound mind decisions. He is also the mastermind behind the success of the Danie Bodski podcast in the United States. He is also a well-known public speaker with the ability to speak utterly and fluently before the general masses. He has also given business people and entrepreneurs tricks and tips from elevating their startups to profitability and success. He is also one of the most prominent technology innovators in the country.

Eric Pulier has a track record of innovation (Visit This Page). He is also a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist. During his fast years of success, he thought about giving back to the community. For this reason, he went forth to develop the most sophisticated X-Prize foundation that would see most of the low-income children suffering from chronic illnesses get treatment. He always has a modest beginning. Computer programming is one of his primary interests. When he was still in primary school, he used to program computers to perform certain user-defined functions as a genius. In school, he was also considered as a computer genius.


His interest in computers and technology commenced when he was still a child. For this reason, he has made a point to include computer technology part of his lifestyle. He is also one of the most prominent business entities in the region. When he was still a teenager, he founded his first computer technology startup. This was a company dealing in database management for other companies in New Jersey. He graduated from high school with a qualification to join the Harvard University of Technology and Innovation. He studied English and became a better person in identity.


When he was still in college, he got a rare opportunity to publish his articles in the Harvard Business journals. His article was widely adopted. For this reason, he was incepted into the Harvard group of writers. He also published the Harvard Crimson as one of his best journals.

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