The Power of Fabletics’ Crowd


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Fashion, Fashion Designer | Posted on 16-01-2018

The power of the crowd is something that’s swept over the economy and left changed in its path. Things are far different than they used to be. Companies used to use simple promotions to get new customers through the doors. In fact, all companies need back then were quality goods or services at fair prices.

These days, consumers have all the power, and they use it. Over the years, the number of online review sites has grown exponentially. Yelp and Trustpilot are amongst the most popular. Trustpilot is the largest review site in the world with over 30 million reviews about over 160,000 businesses worldwide.

Online reviews are the opinions of average people just sharing their opinions. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, these reviews are based on honesty and reality. People no longer trust traditional advertising because its company sponsored. Online reviews offer genuine information based on personal experience.

There’s another benefit to online reviews: it forces companies to be transparent and customer focused. Companies should behave like that anyway, but it helps if they have encouragement. Companies can benefit from this trend as well. Savvy brands like Fabletics have capitalized on this consumer behavior in a big way.

Fabletics is an activewear that was founded in 2013. Since 2013, the company’s grown over 200 percent because of online reviews. Most companies had to slow down to adjust, but part of Fabletics’ premise was customer focused. By building strong relationships with their members, it allowed the company to succeed in a market already dominated by powerhouses.

Activewear is nothing new, and it’s growing in popularity. Before Fabletics, most activewear brands were either expensive or unfashionable. Fabletics combined on-trend fashion and affordable prices with personalized service and a friendly atmosphere. This proved a winning combination for co-founder Kate Hudson.

When Kate first crafted the idea, she wanted her company to be for all women. Not a lot of brands make clothing for plus-size women, so it was important to Kate Hudson that Fabletics does. Recently, that dream was recognized, as Fabletics launched its first plus-size lines early this year.

She wanted her brand to be for all women because it’s about inspiring women. She doesn’t just want women to look their best; she wants them to feel their best as well. It’s her way of helping Americans fight against the country’s health issues.

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