The Winds of Change Blew Over Adam Sender


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Being high and low has not resulted in complete devastation as some would think. Adam Sender has lost some material grip on life lately, having to close his offices of Exis Capital and to sell some 400 pieces from his gargantuan Contemporary Art Collection by some of the finest modern artists, numbering 139. The winds of change will blow on all entities no matter what station in life they have reached, no matter how big or small. The philosophical perspective shines through in Sender as he reflects on these recent new life prospects. “I grew up Jewish, but more and more I find myself embracing a Buddhist philosophy,” said Adam, now being five years short of 50. Still a young man, with such talent to amass great wealth and even more talent to spot great value in blossoming artists.

“All things must pass.” quoted Mr. Sender from the famous song by the late Beatle, George Harrison, another artist who found truth and light from within and without through self realization. It would seem that Adam Sender has evolved greatly from winning and losing and has found transcendence in all of these pages of life as they are turned through time. As he finds himself rather alone for the moment at the end of a marriage, he says he is still married to much of his art collection which was at just over 1000 pieces in the months before these changes he is facing recently. “I will still be lucky to live with a lot of art,” he mentioned as part of his huge collection, which is up for auction at Sotheby’s over a period of eighteen months, is estimated to bring $70 million to $80 million from the sales.

Of course many would be quite pleased with this sum of money after a sale of some of their finest assets and Adam Sender seems quite content with it as well, however, the sums of funds he once garnered where exponentially higher in the billions of dollars. Reaching deep within would be a best place to find oneself after such a change in the bank balance. It is true that art is long and life is short. He has one of the most acute abilities to recognize which artists have a long and valuable capacity as over two quick decades of Sender’s life, he purchased many of these pieces when the artist had just graduated from his training and after the second year or so, is when Adam Sender would purchase some of these artist’s works. He did this time after time with great success. Artists Cindy Sherman, Ed Ruscha, and Rosemarie Trockel are only a few of these artists whose works exploded in value over the past two decades and became part of the valuable Sender collection.

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