WEN By Chaz Offers Super Styling Choices For Blow-Dry Protection


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Hair Health Improvement | Posted on 16-12-2016

Today’s modern woman seems to walk around with a hair dryer attached to her hand. In other words, that’s one hair appliance that most of us use daily or at least once a week. Your blow-dryer can accomplish many feats, but it can also add heat damage to your tresses when over-used.

Hair care experts advise switching to blow-dryers that offer ion technology. This type of appliance breaks down the water molecule, and that means a faster drying time and less heat damage.

In addition, you should study your choice of shampoos and conditioners, because the chemicals present in most of them can cause your hair to stand up on its own. Nasty sulfates are the dirty secret present in store bought hair care products. These agents strip the hair of its natural oils and further weaken hair strands. In addition, these big lather formulas rob the hair of its natural shine.

WEN By Chaz offers women a healthy alternative, the no lather shampoo. His line of special, botanically-based cleansing conditioners perform several missions. They cleanse effectively, better than a shampoo, and they condition, deep condition and act as a leave-in conditioning treatment.

Famous stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean, launched his brand in 1993, removing sulfates from the formula and changing the way women care for their hair. The beauty in WEN is in its design; his line is ideal for every hair type found on the planet. Curly, pin-straight, damaged, dry, frizzy or unruly, WEN heals, repairs and protects.

WEN By Chaz features a wonderful variety of styling cremes for those blow-drying days. His unique QVC advertised formulas provide great protection against the extreme heat from hair drying and flat ironing. You get moisture, shine and strength using his anti-frizz cremes.

Product ;ink: https://www.amazon.com/WEN-Sweet-Almond-Cleansing-Conditioner/dp/B0048O2R1E.

If there’s WEN, there’s a way to beautiful hair.

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