Wengie Shares Facts About Exercise And Losing Weight


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Wengie is a beauty blogger that is based in Australia. A lot of her tips are Asian inspired. However, this top beauty blogger shares some really good secrets to losing weight, dieting, and exercising in this video. Certainly, trying to lose weight is a topic that just about anyone that has a weight problem can easily relate to on a personal level. In this diet tip video, Wengie answers a follower’s question about losing weight. She is in high school and believes that she is eating healthy, but still having trouble with her weight. Her answers are very on point.

The Key to Losing Weight
Viewers should really listen to Wengie. She shares her knowledge on weight-loss with the viewer. For example, Wengie shares that those dedicated to exercising might find that they are actually staying at the same weight. Of course, this is shocking, and might strike fear in some. All that dedication to exercise is turning fat into nice lean muscle. The fact is that the muscle is replacing the fat. Perhaps, the scale registers more. However, your body should look fit and your clothes should fit better. Wengie also suggests that a combination of factors affects the amount of weight lost by an individual. For example, the body structure, muscle structure, bone structure, and much more.

Wengie also shares that the type of exercises performed affects the body in subtle ways too. This is something that a lot of viewers should find very interesting. For example, Wengie shares that she was formally a dancer. She did a lot of hip hop dancing that required her to do a lot of bending and squats. Consequently, her thighs were really developed. In fact, they were quite huge, compared to the rest of her body. She shares that concentrating on one body part leads to over-development in that area. Certainly, it is important to work all body parts equally. A full exercise plan that works the entire body is important for health and total well being. At the end of the YouTube video, Wengie invites all her followers to submit questions. She will answer those questions in future videos.


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