Wengie’s DIY school writing utensil ideas


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Beauty Guru | Posted on 05-04-2017

Wengie has a number of do it yourself school supply ideas including how one can construct rainbow highlighters, designer pencils, and pens. Wengie uses rainbow highlighters to remember important points in her school work by combining yellow, pink, and blue markers. Simply take a yellow highlighter and color the left edge with a blue marker and the right edge with a pink. By doing so, the marker will highlight your sentences in rainbow colors versus just one color. If one seeks a lighter shade of highlight, dip the marker in a glass of water for a few seconds, and then apply to the page which will result in a lighter version of the original color.


Pencils get mistakenly taken so Wengie wants hers to stand out. She uses various options of washi tape to roll her pencils into in order to create a unique design. Pens can be changed up using Elmer’s glue and a number of different colors of glitter. Start by pulling out the pen from the holder and pour in a diluted mixture of the glue into the holder. After a couple of minutes of letting the glue set, dump in some glitter to the holder which will bond to the glue. After 30 minutes or so, it is safe to put the pen back into the holder. The end result is a pen designed like no other. Wengie suggests trying a quill pen like our ancestors used in the 1700s. Just find a feather and some water color paint. Paint the feather anyway your heart desires and then cut off the end of the pen one chooses to attach to the quill. If the pen does not attach firmly, try a bit of glue to make certain it will not come detached. The quill is now ready for use on your homework.

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