What Apps Are Your Teens Using


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Apps | Posted on 13-01-2016

Today’s children are more tech savvy than the parents are. They are all over the internet with social media and new age dating apps. In order to keep them safe as a parent, you must monitor your children, so you need to be tech savvy as well. Researching all the new trends and websites to keep up with your children can be helpful. Most importantly, as a parent,you must keep the communication lines open with your teen. Your child should be able to talk to you about any problems without feeling embarrassed. You need to learn what each app on your child’s phone is and what they are used for. There are a few categories of apps you should look for. There are texting apps such as Kik Messenger, micro blogging apps such as Instagram and Twitter, self destructing or secret apps such as BurnNote and Snapchat, and the most dangerous chatting, dating and meeting apps.

There are texting apps and there are dating apps. Texting apps use the internet data or wifi network to send messages back and forth. Dating apps allow users to put pictures and a brief dating description of themselves. Dating apps also allows users to send messages to potential dating candidates. There are plenty of dating apps, the top ones being Plenty Of Fish and Skout. Pof has a lot of information and can be someone invasive. Skout is a flirting app in which users are grouped with peers allowing them post comments, add pictures, and chat.

Skout has connected over 500 million people. They wont stop there. The Skout team has launched a new mobile network for people on the go. Fuse uses your contact book and connects you to your friends quickly and easily allowing you to send photos and comment on photos. Once you post a photo, members in your group will receive a notification which alerts them of your post. This new app was created because the founders say that they just couldn’t fit anymore features on Skout. Skout is still used by millions of members. Skout was found in 2007 and has already raised over $22 million.

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