Work it Out with Fabletics


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Fashion | Posted on 08-06-2016

Gym clothing is not made for everyone. Some styles are simply too boxy, to snug or too expensive. Kate Hudson has set out to change that, and teamed up with the same company that brings you ShoeDazzle and JustFab. While The Clothes Maiden loves that each item is “Kate approved”, it is also nice to know that you can find attractive and comfortable workout clothing at a decent price point in Fabletics.

Fabletics is a monthly subscription, but you can pick and choose what you would like to purchase if you aren’t ready to make that sort of commitment. They do throw in some incentives, such as a deep discount on the first outfit you purchase and random coupons to your inbox. The styles are comparable to Lululemon, as The Crazy Coupon Lady mentions in her blog, which makes them quite popular among the fitness crowd. There are many brightly colored pieces to really make your gym wardrobe pop, as well as plainer tops and bottoms for those looking for a more simple style.

While certain pieces are not without their flaws (as demonstrated in The Crazy Coupon Lady’s blog) they are a great investment for those looking to expand their yoga pant collection. At twenty-five dollars for three pieces, you will be hard-pressed to find better quality at that price. The fact that most of the items are pretty cute helps matters as well! You do not need to blow your budget on fitness gear to look stylish, and Kate Hudson has proved that with Fabletics.

The return policy is great if you find yourself regretting a purchase: you can return anything for around six dollars, or for free if you choose to exchange or receive a store credit. The VIP membership offers bigger deals as well as free shipping, so that is something to consider if you are willing to shell out about fifty dollars a month. The membership also allows you to skip months where you do not find something you absolutely want to purchase, which is a nice feature. If its not working out, you can cancel at anytime without any fees or backlash as well.

The gist is, if you love workout gear and are looking for a new style to try, Fabletics may be right up your alley. While a monthly subscription can get costly, there is no downside if you skip months where you don’t receive a coupon or discount. At its price point, Fabletics is a great find for any gym enthusiast.



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