Would You Taste Your Dog’s Food?


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I never thought much the appearance the wet food that I feed my dogs, however, a recent article published in the Star Herald describes a gourmet dog food CEO sampling his product, and this got me thinking about whether or not I would taste the food that I give my dogs. Apparently, gourmet dog food sales are soaring, as many people believe that their pets deserve the best food, which I completely understand. There is even a refrigerated dog food mentioned in the article, which uses only fresh ingredients, although I have not seen this offered in my local supermarkets yet. I decided that if I wouldn’t be willing to taste the food that I fed my dogs, it was not worth buying. They mainly eat high-quality Purina Beneful dry, and they each get a container of Beneful Chopped Blends on Sunday. Well, as good as Purina Beneful dry looks, I decided that I would just sample the Chopped Blends wet food, and take my dogs word for it that Beneful dry food is tasty. They love it, and I know it’s good for them. Plus, I trust Purina Store’s Beneful, it’s one of the highest quality dog foods on the Amazon market. Next Sunday, I opened a contained of Beneful Chopped Blends with beef, carrots, peas and barley. Compared to canned beef stew for humans; Beneful had a richer brown sauce and the meat had a better texture. I sampled a tiny bite and discovered why my dogs get so excited when they see the tub with the blue lid. Dogs don’t need anywhere as much salt as people typically eat, so I found that I would have preferred it with salt, nevertheless, it was pretty good. Now I can honestly say that I wouldn’t feed my dogs anything that I wouldn’t eat myself. I told my vet what I did, and he said that Purina Beneful is actually very nutritious for humans, as well as for dogs.

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